Anniversary Gift

Dear friends of mine were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary and I wanted to make a special gift for them. I, along with a large group of friends and family, were flying in to join up with the couple at a resort in Mexico to mark the occasion. Given the travel, the gift needed to be relative small and packable. I settled on forging a small steel box that could hold photos or other mementos and be personalized. I’d not attempted to forge sheet metal before but thought it might have an appealing hammered look, especially if I used hand-finished rivets to secure the corners.

Initially I considered forging some napkin rings with a square knot design, but later discovered that the forged square knots were nice when fashioned into handles for the box.
The top was decorated with a metal play on a ribbon gift-box bow. I drew out some templates on cardboard and cut out the pieces for the bow before turning to the forge to fashion the bends and curves.
As a finishing touch, I forged a “K” for their family name. Click here to see photos of the final Forged Memories Box.