Bespoke Bath Fixtures

This client was looking for a full set of hand-forged fixtures for the bath. Each incorporated a ball-end and lots of visible hammered textures.

Design and Build Project

The Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Screen and Toolset was a commissioned piece for a client undertaking a transformation of their living room to incorporate mid-century modern styling. We settled on a design that featured the pared down aesthetic with simple lines and randomly sized square/rectangular figures typical of mid-century modern design. We were able to salvage the most-used tools from the …


Had a great time vending at Maplewoodstock 2017! The weather was lovely (if a little warm…) and the music fantastic. I met so many lovely local folks and enjoyed sharing my work and explaining what blacksmithing is. As promised, I’ve added the items that didn’t sell at the booth to my online shop. Look forward to returning in 2018!

Get Your Own Custom Metalwork – It’s Easy and Fun!

If you’ve thought it would be nice to have a one-of-a-kind handmade metal piece made just for you but been afraid it would be too expensive and daunting to pursue, fear not! I explain the ABC’s of commissioning here in my FAQs, but wanted to give you a real-life example of how accessible the process can be. My client, I’ll …

November 2016 Newsletter

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Spring 2016 Newsletter

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Smithing Workshops

This spring I attended three different four-day workshops on blacksmithing at the New England School of Metalworking in Auburn, Maine. The instructor, Dereck Glaser, assisted by Nick Rossi, were both excellent and the facility was fantastic and equipped with an amazing variety of tools – tongs, benders, punches, chisels and files of every imaginable configuration. Not only did I improve …

Making Tools — Guillotine

The use of a guillotine tool is one method of using both a top and bottom swage simultaneously. By using inserts with different shapes, you can create the desired impression on the hot steel inserted between. This guillotine has been especially useful when forging pipe, when having equal and opposing forces are critical.

New LLMetalworks Logo

Over the last several months I’ve been working with the very talented Chris Rugen of R Design to develop a new logo and look for the website and business.  The results are inspiring and I appreciate all of Chris’ hard work and patience!

Scaling the Ladder

The Ladder Bed was a commissioned piece for clients located in Dutchess County New York. The style of their home is cozy and relaxed with eclectic country and antique decor typified by exposed rock walls, linens, natural wood finishes and old farm tools with an aged patina. They preferred simple, clean lines and asked to keep the metal finish as …