Knife Making Process

I make each of these knives from start to finish by hand. The steps are:

Forge: The high carbon stock steel material is heated in a propane or coal forge until bright orange/yellow and hit with a hammer on an anvil to change its shape.
Profile: The profile (outline edge) of the knife is refined on a belt grinder and the holes drilled for the handle pins.
Heat Treat: The steel is heat treated so it becomes hard and will hold an edge.
Bevel Grind and Blade Finish: A belt grinder is used to grind in the final bevels on the blade. Then, the blade is finished to a soft sheen by hand sanding.
Attach Handle: The handle sides (scales) are attached to the handle using metal pins and marine-grade epoxy. After the epoxy sets, the handle is ground into shape on the belt grinder then finished by hand sanding.
Sharpen: The blade is hand-sharpened using diamond-encrusted whetstones and a leather strop.