Meet Lisa

From the rugged terrain of a Colorado ranch to the fiery forge of my workshop in Irvington, my journey into metalworking has been anything but ordinary. I’m Lisa Lofdahl, the heart and hands behind LLMetalworks, where each piece of custom metalwork is not just crafted but carefully conjured from a blend of passion, precision, and personal connection.

My love for creation was sparked early by my father, who taught me to weld on the gravel of our ranch. Those early lessons went beyond technique; they instilled a deep appreciation for transforming raw materials into functional beauty. Today, I bring that same dedication and love to every project.

At LLMetalworks, custom doesn’t just mean made-to-order—it means meticulously designed and forged to fulfill a specific vision. My approach is hands-on and collaborative, ensuring that every curve, cut, and weld not only meets the functional needs of the space but also resonates with each client’s personal style and story. Whether forging a bespoke knife or sculpting a signature piece of furniture, my goal is to create works that are visually striking and imbued with meaning.

I believe that the best pieces reflect the individuality of their owners, which is why I dedicate myself to crafting items that are as unique as they are enduring. From conceptual sketches to the final touches, my work is a dialogue between client and craftsman, inspired by tradition but driven by innovation.

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